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1 --- Estimating soil organic matter and available N: a ready reckoner for soil testing laboratories T.Bhattacharyya,
P. Tiwary ,
D. K. Thokal ,
R. Khobragade
B. Telpande
and H. Kuchankar
2 JV-1-1/2017 Spatio-Temporal Rainfall Trends in Konkan Region of Maharashtra State V. P. Mandale,
D. M. Mahale,
S. B.Nandgude
K D Gharde, and
R. T. Thokal
3 JV-1-2/2017 Effect of Sodium Hypochlorite on Chemical Composition of Graded Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Fruits Cv. Alphonso Shinde U.S, Pujari K. H , Shedge M. S
4 JV-1-3/2018 External trade of cashew industry in India and Strategies for cashew development S. S. Wadkar , S.T. Gore