1. Natural Resource Management (NRM)
i. Soil
ii. Agronomy

2. Forestry
i. Forest fruits
ii. Timber and Non-timber Products
iii. Wild Life

3. Horticulture
i. Pomology
ii. Floriculture
iii. Olericulture

4. Post-Harvest Management (PHM)
i. Horticulture
ii. Agriculture
iii. Fisheries
iv. Animal Products

5. Fisheries
i. Marine
ii. Ornamental
iii. Inland
iv. Brackish water

6. Animal Husbandry

7. Agril. Engineering and Technology

8. Social Sciences
i. Economics
ii. Extension
iii. Agro Tourism

9. Plant Sciences
i. Physiology
ii. Bio-chemistry
iii. Plant breeding
iv. Seed technology

10. Plant Protection